Jul 242013
NYC Resistor

NYC Resistor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A follow up – this topic isn’t dead after all! Au contraire mon ami, I actually got the thing working!

After my first attempt and failure, I reached out to the fine people of NYC Resistor‘s Microcontrollers listserve asking for help. They were super helpful and offered a variety of suggestions on what the problem could be. You can read the entire thread here:¬†https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/nycresistormicrocontrollers/x3Dl-ssQMzU

What it boiled down to was that the loop inside of the¬†pulseIR() function stipulates in the comments that “38 kHz is about 13 microseconds high and 13 microseconds low”, and after experimenting with some timings I realized that the calls to digitalWrite() were taking longer than the proposed “3 microseconds”. I lowered the value of hangoutTime from 10 down to 7 and voila, it works! It was as simple as that one change! I modified the gist accordingly, and now I’m in business!

Thanks again NYCR!

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