May 012014

Introducing… MULTIPLAYER 2048!

That fun game that just won’t die is back again, this time in multiplayer form!

To play along, join the #2048 channel on Freenode and start issuing commands like “up”/”down”/”left”/”right” (or “u”/”d”/”l”/”r” for short).

From a technical perspective, I forked the original version and modified the controls so that they no longer come from the keyboard. This multiplayer version instead uses Pusher to update clients with realtime events and a Hubot with an IRC adapter and a custom script that calls a Python/Flask webserver, stores the data in a Redis list, and triggers the Pusher updates.

I was on the front page of Hacker News for about five minutes before being booted (still learning the ropes on how HN posting works), so I guess it wasn’t a big hit. I was even in touch with the kind folks over at Pusher who bumped me up to a higher number of allowed simultaneous connections to prepare for HN traffic, but alas I never needed it. Thanks anyway Pusherinos!

Happy 2048ing!

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