Jul 092012
Emperor X

Cover of Emperor X

This past Thursday, Emperor X played to a standing room crowd at Menza pri Koritu as part of the Caffeine Hours festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia, touching our hearts and for at least a brief spell helping us forget this Mediterranean summer heat that we’ve been experiencing. It was one of those amazing nights that makes you feel good to be alive, and I felt inclined to write something, anything, about what a spectacular guy Chad is for helping to contribute to that.

To kick it off, my buddy Uroš captured the following video of “The Magnetic Media Storage Practices of Rural Pakistan”:

which should help give you a taste of what we saw. The remainder of the performance was equally as enjoyable and memorable, and after it ended we danced the night away to the sounds of Guess What? and Orchestre du Mont-Plaisant.

Drunk and happy at 3 in the morning, I walked home in the same direction as Chad and Rok (curator of Caffeine Hours) where something truly magical happened. Rok and I were telling Chad about how our buddy Jure was a big fan and really wanted to be at the show that night, but was unable to make it. Upon hearing this, he INSISTED that we do something special for our good friend Jure, which turned into him improvising a song in Slovenian (while Rok whispered translations in his ear) and belting out the lyrics into the otherwise quiet latenight Ljubljana streets. Enjoy:

For some more Emperor X goodness, check out his recent Daytrotter Session from 20 April 2012

Allahu Akbar.

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