Jan 142012

Now playing: Beirut – The Flying Cup Club

Hello blogosphere, it’s 2012 and I’m back to try this blogging thing again, this time under a new premise: from here on out I’m going to try blogging from a mostly content curation perspective, targeting music blogging specifically. More specifically, I read a lot of music blogs and I’m going to try and extract the most interesting news in the music blogosphere and paste the links into here as often as I can. Sure, there will be other tidbits here and there, but I’ll try to keep somewhat of a focus.

A few ideas/thoughts – I’d like to somehow keep track of what I’m listening to and what shows I’m trying to see. Maybe there are plugins for that sort of thing, or maybe I’ll have to write some of my own. Either way, that’s the basis, let’s go for a stroll…

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